Respect the directives and recommendations of the public authorities in force in the fight against the coronavirus;
•   Respect V-HOTELS health & safety protocols;
•   Respect the barrier gestures;
•   Respect physical distance;
•   Wash with soap and sanitize hands regularly;
•   Take extra care of their personal hygiene;
•   Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE);
•   Report & withdraw if symptoms of coronavirus or any other sickness occur;


Go through our hotel’s hygiene policy against COVID-19 and respect all instructions given;
•   Monitor children and guide them through;
•   Make use of personal protective equipment such as gloves & masks (i.e. mask upon arrival);
•   Keep social interaction to a minimum and practise social distancing;
•   Before exiting the room, leave a window open to ensure good ventilation for the safety of our team;
•   Use of the special bag provided for all dirty linen to be replaced;
•   Dispose of all waste in the step on rubbish bin;
•   Be conscious when using a common restroom;
•   Be conscious when using the elevator and if possible, use the stairs instead;
•   Use of sanitizing products provided;


To minimize the risks of virus transmission special social distancing practices will be implemented to reduce person-to-person contact and ensure that a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters is respected. Thermal cameras for measuring body temperature will be in place for both guests and employees. A 24/7 medical service will be available with an appointed doctor.
Check-in time will be changed to 15:00hrs and check-out time to 11:00 hrs. In order to allow enough time for our Housekeeping team to deep clean and properly sanitize the room before the new guests enter in (early check-in will be possible given that the room is ready before 15:00hrs without additional charge!).

Body temperature monitoring to all people entering the hotel;
•   Easily accessible hand sanitization stations are placed in all common areas;
•   Antibacterial handwash is placed in every communal toilet;
•   Use of protective partition such as plexiglass at the reception desk, as well as floor markings for distance keeping
•   Deep cleaning and sanitation procedures for frequently touched surfaces: door handles, switches, lift buttons, door pushers, stair railings, etc. and systematic disinfection of roo
•   Smart guest interaction with contactless procedures like virtual check-in & check out, contactless payment solutions, smart A La Carte restaurant reservation system, smart room

At check-in, you will be offered the possibility of choosing the new “DO NOT ENTER MY ROOM” option. This means that while all services remain available, our employees will only enter the room after the guest has requested. Daily cleaning service will be done upon request by pressing the green button (please make up my room) in their room.

Each room will be cleaned with one use cleaning kit;
•   Deep cleaning & disinfection of the entire room with a hospital-grade disinfectant of a high classification of bacteria-killing;
•   Deep cleaning and sanitation will be carried out to all upholstery with the use of a steam  cleaner;
•   Daily cleaning service will be done upon request only and the same applies for the change of linen;
•   Guests are kindly requested to leave the bedroom window open on departure;
•   Change of all linen and amenity products provided, including unused items prior to new guest enters the room;
•   All dirty linen will be washed in high temperatures to effectively destroy bacteria;
•   Updated practices for the air-con unit disinfection and operation;
•   Use of certified cleaning chemicals against COVID-19;

Our HACCP protocol has been updated and redesigned to meet all requirements for COVID-19 prevention. A specialized external company (COSMOS SAFETY) has been contracted to train all staff in new practices and to monitor all F&B operations.

New food and beverage safety and hygiene strategy will include:

Improved deep cleaning and sanitization practices for all food and beverage processes (from delivery, storing, preparation and servicing);
•   Constant training and monitoring to enhance awareness on COVID-19;
•   The number of tables  and seating capacity is  reduced  to allow longer distance between guests ;
•   Reconfigured seating in the restaurants will prevent overcrowding and ensure social distancing;
•   Meal times have been extended. Please check out our updated Fact Sheet for more information;
•   Limitation of the number of guests in the buffet area. During high season, seating times will be implemented as well as entrance control to handle the guest volume and prevent one
•   Strict cleaning and disinfection procedures for equipment, utensils, contact surfaces, and high touchpoints;
•   Dish and glassware washers will be operated at a temperature above 70C°;
•   Maximize sample taking of food & beverages for microbiological analysis;


On top of our regular Health and Safety protocols:

•   New layout of sun lounges and umbrellas so that the distance between the ends of the seats of two people under two different umbrellas is at least 2 meters in each direction;
•   All lounges, tables, and seats will be thoroughly disinfected after a guest leaves and before being used by another guest;
•   The pool/beach towels offered will cover the entire surface of the sunbed;
•   Number of bathers: the crowding density in hotel pools is calculated with an index of 5 m2 of water surface per person;
•   Encourage guests to shower before and after using the pool;
•   Enhanced water filtration & purification processes of the swimming pools ;
•   Enhanced monitoring of chlorine and pH levels of the pool water to ensure water safety;


Fitness centre operation has been redesigned in response to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. All cleaning and sanitization GUI measures include:

•   Use personal protective equipment at all times;
•   All counters, bottles, cabbies, headrests and treatment tables, spa equipment, and lockers will be sanitized prior to every use;
•   Establish maximum numbers of guests being at the same time in a fitness room to ensure guests can practice social distance;
•   Provide additional disinfectant products – antibacterial wipe dispensers and hand sanitisers in all areas of fitness.
•   Guests will be encouraged to clean and disinfect gym equipment before and after use;

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We are constantly enhancing our already strict international hygiene standards being fully qualified with ISO 22000 & ISO 14001 whilst we working on the latest protocols and directives from the government authorities, the ECDC, and WHO.

At V-Hotels we are committed to Creating Vivid Moments with Vibrant Vacations.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our Hotel!

Till then Stay Safe!

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